Changing settings in Admin

I want to change the module content and reorder it in Rachel Pi-3’s admin section. The tutorial on the web for Rachel Pi says that the admin password is “Rachel+1”. I tried this repeatedly in several different ways. What password should I use to gain access to the Rachel Pi-3 admin section.

@creafsny Will you try these:

rachel / rachel
root / rachel
admin / Rachel+1

The root / rachel combination worked. I am working with an educational NGO that is engaged with three elementary/middle schools in the French-speaking Democratic Republic of the Congo. As an initial step, we are exploring RACHEL as a way to get project-based-learning modules and teacher training materials into the hands of our teacher counterparts. The French language content in Rachel is valuable, but not as complete or relevant for us as is the English content. Some of the teachers in DRC have some English language ability, so I am thinking of combining the French content with some English content into a single “bi-lingual” RACHEL pi library. Is there any reason why this shouldn’t be possible?

No @creafsny, that works – for the increased storage, battery operation, and ease of operation with this type of task we do offer RACHEL-Plus, which comes with both full sets of content ~380GB of content. For long-term projects, we strongly recommend this hardware which has a SSD for operating system files and a real 2.5" HDD for content storage built-in.