Configuring Multiple Raspberry Pis


That’s great that you were able to get that equipment donated to you. $50 probably can’t be beat. I’m hoping that things will work out with LCD panels and it will essentially be a 13 or 15" monitor similar to a laptop but with the pi mounted at the back. I think anything larger than that and it has to be a real monitor. I agree about the tablets. I think of the tablet setup as more for a digital library solution. Maybe this will work out for both.


I wonder if someone could look at putting RACHEL on Synology notes I made a while ago, please.
They are here,
I use donated Synology servers at several High Schools. I would be very grateful if anyone could improve this.

The document looks great Howard. I have no experience with Synology servers but it looks like everything is installed properly.

Thanks James. It’s good to know someone who knows what they are doing has had a look

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@jamesk @giakonda

I have been testing the Pi Zero with an ONN 6700mah battery. I’ve run it continuous for 19ish hours with sporadic use when the battery gets to 25% per the led indicator.

I have also used a Renogy 10w solar kit with an accessory adapter with a USB plug to charge the battery up. I don’t have a total time due to the rain and clouds I had here and my schedule. But it did charge up to 100% when I left it out for the morning I had full sun.

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Very interesting @SHOMI. So it could probably last for about 24 hours off of the battery. I think that’s pretty good! If the solar panel charges the battery in a morning of sun there shouldn’t be any interruptions in use. That sounds perfect. Thanks for updating.

Currently we sometimes use a 20000ma powerbank for the RPi3B+ (Which lasts a day in school) but most of the time we connect it to the 12v battery with a 12v to 5v converter and leave it on all the time. This has the added advantage that the community can use it after school has closed.