Configuring Multiple Raspberry Pis


That’s great that you were able to get that equipment donated to you. $50 probably can’t be beat. I’m hoping that things will work out with LCD panels and it will essentially be a 13 or 15" monitor similar to a laptop but with the pi mounted at the back. I think anything larger than that and it has to be a real monitor. I agree about the tablets. I think of the tablet setup as more for a digital library solution. Maybe this will work out for both.


I wonder if someone could look at putting RACHEL on Synology notes I made a while ago, please.
They are here,
I use donated Synology servers at several High Schools. I would be very grateful if anyone could improve this.

The document looks great Howard. I have no experience with Synology servers but it looks like everything is installed properly.

Thanks James. It’s good to know someone who knows what they are doing has had a look

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@jamesk @giakonda

I have been testing the Pi Zero with an ONN 6700mah battery. I’ve run it continuous for 19ish hours with sporadic use when the battery gets to 25% per the led indicator.

I have also used a Renogy 10w solar kit with an accessory adapter with a USB plug to charge the battery up. I don’t have a total time due to the rain and clouds I had here and my schedule. But it did charge up to 100% when I left it out for the morning I had full sun.

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Very interesting @SHOMI. So it could probably last for about 24 hours off of the battery. I think that’s pretty good! If the solar panel charges the battery in a morning of sun there shouldn’t be any interruptions in use. That sounds perfect. Thanks for updating.

Currently we sometimes use a 20000ma powerbank for the RPi3B+ (Which lasts a day in school) but most of the time we connect it to the 12v battery with a 12v to 5v converter and leave it on all the time. This has the added advantage that the community can use it after school has closed.


Thank you for your time to get these images working for us to use and answering all of the questions. I am picking up from almost 20 years ago, but a lot has changed.

I am heading to Haiti Wednesday morning. The guy that is teaching in the class I installed has some college friends and instructors interested and setup a time for us to meet next Monday.

A company made a 6x PI Zero case for me to try out for a classroom setting that keeps all the equipment centralized. Some will run RACHEL and some just the server with each having a unique ssid.

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You’re welcome @SHOMI. I’m just happy to be a part of what you’re doing. It looks like you’re more than caught up at this point.

This case is awesome! I’d love to know the results of this 6 x pi0 configuration. Custom cases are something I’m very interested in and this is an impressive one. I didn’t think about a multiple pi0 setup like this. Are they all set to different wifi channels?

It’s exciting to hear that more people are interested in RACHEL. If there’s anything I can do to make it easier for people to get started or if they have any feedback I’d love to hear it. Have a great trip.