Feed the monster

Hi folks,
Feed the monster is a nicely produced game for teaching alphabet etc. However, it seems like it was grafted onto the Rachel server environment without much thought to the fact that Rachel is a shared environment. There seems to be no way of tracking a particular child’s progress. Actually, you can choose up to 4 ‘profiles’ (monsters). However, once one child traverses the monster’s ‘path’, it is marked and that is obvious to the next child. Each of the levels are numbered, so it is possible to set a new child back to an earlier progress point, but that seems disappointing. There is no obvious way to ‘reset’ the game to start ‘clean’ again and there is no way to track a particular child’s progress other than for the teacher to mark down their progress on paper and manually set them back to that point when returning. Any suggestions on work arounds to make Feed the monster more useful would be greatly appreciated.

Feed the Monster is a Unity webgl game so it has been compiled inside of Unity by the developer. It’s not possible to modify it on the RACHEL side because of this. I think it was left open without adding individual user profiles and progress because based on the screen dimensions, it’s probably meant for mobile devices where one user would be using it. Saving profiles is something they would have to develop. I don’t think it’s that it was grafted onto Rachel without much thought, it’s just an exact copy of the existing game.

You can reset the game to clean a state by refreshing the page in your browser.