Pi 4 - Quad core, 4gb Ram

Thank you for the incredible work @jamesk and very much appreciated! The only change I could see is that the SSID is now Rachel-Pi and IP is .52. I will continue to add the Azure Edge IoT to see if it works as it did did for Pi3.


FYI. As an update, I went through the instructions at hand and all worked well. The only exception was that with the RPI3, I had to listen using UNIX but in RPI4, no change was required and kept FD.

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You’re welcome @peter_anaman and thank you! Good to hear that it’s all working for you. I’ll be putting up some images at this post in the next month but they should be pretty much the same. I’m curious, what kind of integration are you doing with Azure Edge IoT? If you’re hooking a RACHEL-Pi up to a corporate network directly be very careful as it’s essentially open unless you turn off wifi.

If the RACHEL admin password is changed and they can’t remember it, they could try and recover it if they can log in as the pi or root user and replace the admin.sqlite database file with a backup or another one that has a known password or by editing the entry for the password. I don’t really know what the outcome of that will be but I think it could be done. It’s probably better to reflash if it’s not an advanced user.

I can’t seem to replicate the password issue you’re having. Maybe I’m misunderstanding but you’re saying that if you change the pi user’s password with “sudo raspi-config” over ssh then when you try to log in directly with pi/thenewpassword not over ssh it won’t log in and vice versa? I tested this both ways but I can still log in both ways.


Now we have USB3 it might be worth looking at solid state drives like this £12 case Or this one
might a fast and reliable storage solution. You’d need a cable

SSD are around10pence / Gb for branded drives at this point

I don’t think the Pi4 can boot from them yet, but adding a £2 Micro SD just for boot (not OS) would fix that.
As an aside I spotted this Pi4 case with passive aluminum cooling

I know @SHOMI uses an SSD with a 3B+ so it would be interesting to see the speed difference with USB3 on the Pi4. I’m not sure if it’s the issue with USB-C power or not but I think they might be doing a hardware revision soon. Orders are delayed apparently. That flirc case is nice. I’d like to see temps on that vs one with a fan.

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The old Pi3 Flirc case performed well reasonable to hope the Pi4 will be good too.

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I am using a C4 Labs PI 4 case with fan and my temperatures went from 145 F to 95 F.

The case looks good, fits together well and the fan is pretty quiet.

What I would like to know:

  • is there an enclosure that would enclose the Pi, cooling and an SSD?
  • does the power supply handle the SSD load?

My current RPi 3b are self-contained with a Pi Juice UPS and battery, all in a single box which is very good for non-tech environments. But of course limited to the 64Gb distribution.

At which point do we say; lets dedicate a laptop for this, and would this be cheaper/faster?


I have not found a good enclosure for the Pi 4 yet. I would like one in aluminum to help with heat transfer and I would like a lock on the sd card to discourage theft.
Why do you say limited to the 64gb?
I would prefer a pi to a laptop simply because of the small energy requirement.

because a 400+Gb SD card is quite expensive, mainly, and prone to corruption.

my pijuice solution seems the best compromise - self-contained device that can provide a hotspot for 4 hours, and more if there is mains power, solar, anything. it will take any decent voltage, and charge the battery while running. And wont overheat. Only problem is it is not the full content.

I assume an external USB3 HD with adapter will eat power much faster. Not sure exactly how much.

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You can boot RACHEL-Pi off of a USB flash drive.

I have had an issue with some of the Pi 4 just not working. I don’t know yet whether its my clumsiness or the latest Pi is more sensitive to static or not so good sd cards. Has anyone else experienced this?

I only have one but I haven’t had any issues. Are you using an official power supply? I hear there are issues with different USB-C power supplies.

Yes it’s the official power supply.
Very strange

I would contact them. It may be a bad batch. Mine has been okay so far but it does get pretty hot. Not enough to shut it off or ruin it though.

I figured I’d update this post since we’re talking here already. @giakonda and @SHOMI I’ve uploaded a new Kolibri image based on the latest buster with a few changes. I’d appreciate any feedback and testing. The main download page has been updated and it’s at rachel-pi_kolibri-09_26_2019.7z. There are also some tutorials included. Let me know what you think or if I’ve made some mistakes. I can always revert changes if people don’t like it as well. @jeremy I hope the changes to the login page and the header are okay. I’ll upload other images soon.


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Thanks James, downloading it now. I’ll let you know.
Kind Regards

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Thanks Howard. I appreciate any feedback.