I have used the raspberry pi with a smart-phone power bank 20Ah (20000mAhrs) to power the Pi which lasts for more than a day. You have to shut it down properly from the admin page and recharge the power bank overnight, I have also used a 12v to 5v converter from ebay and a leisure battery. If you have a solar panel of at least 80 watts you can keep the pi going forever ( some degree of licience there)

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This set is work for RACHEL 3.0?

With the new Pi the power source must be able to deliver 3 amps. This will work fine on all the Pis so we make sure anything we use is capable of providing 3 amps.


Hi everyone, just to clarify, the informatin in this thread is only about RACHEL-Plus. @giakonda – has also provided some feedback for powering the Pi, but I don’t want to confuse folks too much. The RACHEL-Plus requires 12V / 2A power, the Pi requires 5V / 3A power, so very different set-ups.

As @giakonda points out, a powerbank can be a good solution for powering the pi when the shutdown is controlled.

For the plus, I have only seen a small handful of 12V powerbanks, which I have linked to earlier in this thread.

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